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Top Choice for Electric Driveway Gates in Woking

While wooden gates have been around for decades, automatic gate installation is a relatively new industry, in the grand scheme of things. The products we make and install are an innovation made possible by the discovery of electricity and subsequent mechanical advancements. But electric driveway gates have by no means hit a technical plateau, there is still progress being made, and the metal driveway gates of the future are going to be different to the ones we see today. On this page the metal work experts at PM Ironwork Ltd, who cover Woking and all surrounding areas, have looked at a few of these exciting features of the future and why they’re important.


What Lies in Store for the Automatic Gate Installation Industry?


The main changes coming to the automatic gate installation industry are increasingly sophisticated security features, many of which have already been rolled out within top-end, luxury electric driveway gates made by metal work companies for some of the world’s elite. Woking homeowners can expect wooden gates and metal driveway gates with fingerprint, iris and facial recognition to technology to become all the more of a “standard” thing as the years go on, gradually getting more affordable.


Fingerprint recognition has already become an everyday thing for many Woking residents, who might use it to gain access to their smartphone or mobile banking app (if you’re a HSBC customer). Have a fingerprint recognition based access system for your automatic gate installation will not only increase your property’s security, but it will also speed access up. It’s a lot quicker than punching in a pin-code, especially if you can use a linked app to scan your fingerprint on your phone.


The same benefits go for facial recognition and iris recognition technology within wooden gates / metal driveway gates. As the connected / “smart home” becomes more and more of a reality, metal work and automatic gate installation companies around Woking are going to have to keep up or fall behind. And PM Ironwork Ltd has no plans to fall into the latter category! If you ever have questions regarding the implementation of new technology or security features within your electric driveway gates, we urge you get in contact with us. We can provide free, expert advice, as we’re always keeping abreast with industry innovations.


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