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Expert Automatic Gate Installation in Tunbridge Wells

Unsure whether electric driveway gates would be a good fit for your Tunbridge Wells property? You’ve found the right page! Here PM Ironwork Ltd, the area’s specialist in automatic gate installation and bespoke metal work, have run over just a few of the advantages that automated iron and wooden gates can afford a property.


Top Advantages of Electric Driveway Gates


Security – Looking to safeguard against would-be intruders? Consider automatic gate installation. All our bespoke metal and wooden gates are built to the highest quality standards, with reinforcements that make them incredibly sturdy. Even if you live in a remote area of Tunbridge Wells that has little trouble with property crime, note that having gates at the entrance to your driveway will still offer up a high level of privacy. No road users accidently turning down your driveway, or using it to stage a precarious three point turn!


Safety – Electric driveway gates offer up peace of mind, as you know children and pets are safe and sound on your property, and that the gate hasn’t accidently been left slightly ajar. They can also be made to your dimensional specifications, so if you’re worried about a curious pet jumping over metal / wooden gates and onto one of Tunbridge Wells’ many busy roads, we’ll design something to allay these fears and prevent this eventuality.


Convenience – Many of our Tunbridge Wells clients choose to invest in automatic gate installation because of how convenient they are as an access solution. Not having to spend the time and effort to exit a vehicle and manually draw metal or wooden gates is a big draw, especially for those who want heavy, secure gates without the associated hassle of pulling them open five times a day! Whether you dial in a security code or make use of a gate transmitter, you’ll be making use of up-to-date, reliable technology to have access to your driveway and property.


Property Value – High quality electric driveway gates can add significant value to a Tunbridge Wells property. This makes them a sound long-term investment; in some cases they even pay for themselves! However, how much value they add completely depends on the craftsmanship and finish. Choose a company like PM Ironwork Ltd, a metal work expert long-history of precisely tailoring stunning iron / wooden gates to individual properties, rather than a company that offers generic and cheaply made products.


Aesthetic – Gates have been a symbol of luxury and opulence since ancient times, when they were often lavishly decorated, providing access to thriving cities and the castles of the rich and powerful. While owning metal and wooden gates is no longer solely reserved for the bourgeoisie, they can offer up a stylish and elegant aesthetic that says “success”. Don’t let that put you off if you’re more interested in low-key, utilitarian electric driveway gates…. Our metal work and automatic gate installation experts, based near Tunbridge Wells, can design and fit something that’s less lavish and more nuanced. What we create is completely down to you!


Convinced of the benefits of electric driveway gates? Contact PM Ironwork Ltd on 01737 226811. We’re the Tunbridge Wells area’s leading provider of metal and wooden gates.