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More Than Just Automatic Gate Installation in Sevenoaks

While we’re perhaps known around the Brighton, Cobham, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells areas as automatic gate installation specialists, that’s by no means the be all and end all of what we do. Our team of metal work experts create all sorts of fantastic fittings for domestic and commercial clients throughout the South East. On this page, we’ve looked to run through just a few of our most popular “other” services.

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Others Metal Work Services We offer


Balustrades & Balconies – Our craftsmen can create beautiful, bespoke balustrades and balconies out of materials including stainless steel and reinforced glass. Whatever your stylistic sensibilities, we’ll be able to tailor something to your taste and to the space in which it will be featured. Not only do we place a focus on creating a genuine work of art that will increase the value of your domestic or commercial property, but we ensure that our balconies and balustrades are sturdy and secure, safeguarding residents against a fall from height.


Staircases – Need a sturdy, striking staircase built for a domestic or commercial property around Brighton, Cobham, Sevenoaks or Tunbridge Wells? PM Ironwork Ltd can take on the project. We craft visually stunning bespoke staircases out of iron, glass and stainless steel. Visitors to your property will be blown away by the sheer quality of our craftsmanship, which always meets UK building regulations.


Metal Railings – While railings are so often procured to fulfil a vital purpose, they needn’t look ugly and utilitarian. Our metal work veterans create attractive, functional metal railings which provide added security to your property, by sectioning off areas or acting as something to grip on to when heading down stairs or an incline. PM Ironwork Ltd has an expansive range of rail heads to choose from (over 40 altogether). This ensures you can find something that will suit the period and stylistic theme of your property.


Likewise, we have a broad selection of rails, from the straight and simple to intricate and curved. Which will best suit your needs depends on their intended application. By mixing and matching your ideal rail head with a fitting rail, you’ll enhance your property with something that’s as useful as it is attractive!


Wrought Ironwork – Fundamentally different to cast iron, wrought iron is heated and then worked with tools, rather than melted and poured into a mould. It’s extremely strong and has a unique, fibrous appearance, which many find ideal for all types of decorative metal work. We also manufacture wrought ironwork for period properties in and around Brighton, Cobham, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells. So if you need a rail, gate or staircase built for a Victorian, Edwardian or Elizabethan home or premises – we can ensure that it will seamlessly blend in, and not appear stylistically inconsistent.


Bespoke Commissions – PM Ironwork Ltd proudly takes on all sorts of bespoke commissions for clients around Brighton, Cobham, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and the wider South East. For more information on this aspect of pour business, please navigate to our Metal Work page, or give us a call to discuss what you’re looking to have made!


For more on the different aspects of metal work we offer clients around Brighton, Cobham, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells, call PM Ironwork Ltd on 01737 226811.