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Bespoke Metal Driveway Gates in Guildford

Serving as a bespoke metal work specialist, PM Ironwork Ltd can create one of a kind electric driveway gates to enhance your Guildford property. But you can go one step further and make your gates even more unique through the use of various accessories. On this page, we’ve run through just a few of the different features that our Guildford clients have added to their metal and wooden gates during or following the automatic gate installation itself. Should you be looking to receive a free, no obligation quote on metal driveway gates, don’t hesitate to skip the below and call us on 01737 226 811.


Adding Extra Features to Your Electric Driveway Gates


CCTV Systems – While the bespoke metal gates we design and manufacture are created with security in mind, that doesn’t make CCTV systems a bad idea. A CCTV camera can be integrated during automatic gate installation, sitting just on top or to the side of your metal driveway gates / wooden gates. Not only will they capture important footage of any would-be intruder or vandal looking to gain access to, or damage your Guildford property, but they’re an incredibly effective deterrent.


Remote Access – Our metal work is the real deal, and as such our gates can be fairly weighty. But by integrating a remote access solution, you can tap a button from the inside of your vehicle and voila, your electric driveway gates will open! Remote access is a great way to save you time and effort, and can be integrated within your automatic gate installation. It’s also handy for older Guildford clients who might be unable to manually open their metal driveway gates / wooden gates multiple times a day.


Intercoms – If you regularly receive visitors to your Guildford home, an intercom might be a great feature worth adding to your electric driveway gates. Visitors can buzz, tell you who it is and gain access to your property without you having to leave your home! This is especially convenient if your automatic gate installation is going to sit at the bottom of a long driveway. The amount of distance you’ll have to travel, then open and close our bespoke metal work / wooden gates can really take it out of you…


Lighting – Light fixtures can be used on top of metal driveway gates or wooden gates to make them more functional after the sun sets. As well as helping you gain access to your property late at night, they look great. We can add brackets for lights to your gate during the metal work phase, or help you install them at a later date. If you’ve seen lights featured within an existing automatic gate installation around Guildford, snap a photo and show us so we know exactly what you’re going for. Alternatively, find some inspirational images online. There are plenty of design and landscaping websites featuring various examples of electric driveway gates.


For more information about the bespoke metal driveway gates and wooden gates we design and install for Guildford property owners, call PM Ironwork Ltd direct on 01737 226 811.