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Stunning Bespoke Wooden Gates in Surrey

Many Cobham homeowners contact us expressing an interest in our electric driveway gates, but with many questions about what they should be considering. To help these prospective clients get an idea about what to ponder before committing to automatic gate installation, the metal work experts at PM Ironwork Ltd have jotted down a few points to mull over below. If after reading them you’re ready to give us a call to discuss your ideas for iron / wooden gates, please don’t hesitate to! A friendly member of the PMI Ironwork Ltd team would love more than to help you convert your dream gate into a reality.


Things to Consider When Investing in Electric Driveway Gates for Your Cobham Home


• Think about who might need to make use of your electric driveway gates, other than you and your immediate family. If you have gardeners or property maintenance trades attend your Cobham property regularly, you might want to ask for an additional key code operator so they are not left stranded outside your property for too long. This might be preferable to giving out a combination to multiple persons!


• Using a key code operator or numeric combination isn’t the only way you can open up your automated iron / wooden gates. You can also have our automatic gate installation team install a transmitter in your vehicle so that the gates open when you drive up to them. This can make access to your driveway even more seamless and simple.


• Each and every Cobham homeowner has a different space to work with. So consider whether your electric driveway gates will slide open or swing open. Sliding gates can be a little more secure, and also save space. However, nothing beats a swinging gate when it comes to making an impression. It’s a grand feeling to watch your wooden gates or ornate, bespoke metal work slowly open to reveal your driveway and property in all its glory!


• While Cobham is far from being a coastal town, give some thought to how the weather might affect your gates. If the entrance to your property has the potential to act as somewhat of a wind funnel, panelled wooden gates could prove a bad idea. The wind will gather in front of them and prove problematic. A metal work gate with gaps for the wind to channel through would prove a much wiser choice.


• Both our hard wood and metal work electric driveway gates are made with safety and security in mind. If you’re looking to employ something that will function as a deterrent to would-be intruders, then we can certainly design and craft a gate too-high-to-hop with a subtle intimidation factor. Keep in mind that our wooden gates feature metal reinforcement at the base to ensure they are sturdy and durable.


• You’re going to want a “back-up” manual opening mechanism. This is because one minor drawback to automatic gate installation is if Cobham experiences a power-cut or similar difficulties, you won’t be able to open your gates! Having a plan B, which doesn’t compromise your gates’ security, is a wise idea.


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