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Bespoke Metal Work in Brighton & Hampshire

Have a question regarding the metal work we craft, or the electric driveway gates we design and build for properties all around Brighton? You’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve looked to answer a handful of questions we commonly receive regarding automatic gate installation and other aspects of what we do (e.g manufacture of wooden gates).


If you have a question not answered below, we urge you to give us a call on 01737 226811. Alternatively, browse the rest of our website and read more about each individual service we offer.


Electric Driveway Gates – Brighton FAQ


What are the chief advantages offered by automatic gate installation?


Firstly, automatic gate installation is convenient. You can have a sensor in your vehicle which automatically opens the gate when you drive up to it, saving you time and effort. Secondly, they can significantly improve how secure your Brighton property is. For more on this point, see the third question in this FAQ. Finally, they look fantastic. They bring an air of reality to your property, and as they’re actively sought after by many house hunters, they can significantly improve your home’s value and end up paying for themselves!


What kind of metal work do you create on commission?


Anything you like, tailored to the environment in which it is to be fit. Some examples of metal work we’ve completed for Brighton clients include balustrades, railings, staircases and balconies. Whatever you can imagine, we can craft it. If you are looking to commission metal work, the best thing you can do is give us a call so we can discuss your idea and ensure it is achievable. We will likely need to visit your property/the space in which the metal work will fit so we can take accurate measurements and assess whether there will be any problems that need overcoming in the design/preliminary stages.


Are electric driveway gates really a safe and secure access solution?


Safety and security are huge aspects of what we do, and always factor into our design process. They also inform the materials we use and manufacturing stages. While automatic gate installation has a lot to do with convenience and cultivating a certain aesthetic, if it doesn’t provide a reasonable level of security to a property, we don’t think it’s fit for purpose. That’s why we use high quality hard wood and metal work for all gates we install around Brighton, and ensure they are sufficiently reinforced for maximum durability.


If you have young children or pets and are worried about them potentially getting over a gate and out onto a busy Brighton street, for example, we can design you bespoke metal or wooden gates that are tall enough to prevent this eventuality. Please keep in mind that automatic gate installation is a much safer alternative to traditional wooden gates in this department, as they feature sensors and locking mechanisms to ensure they stay shut and are not open. So you don’t have to worry you’ve left the gate unlocked, and someone could slip out/in!


Do you solely cover the Brighton area?


No. We believe it’s important to offer our metal work services, and our expertise in automatic gate installation, to as wide a customer base as possible. To this end, we serve all clients throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and all surrounding Home Counties.


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